How To Shop Your Closet|Pink Cardigan & Black Chinos

Pink Cardigan and Black Shorts

If you frequently visit my blog, then you know that I wear most of my clothing over and over. I personally don’t have the money to wear a different outfit everyday and I probably wouldn’t if I could. I’m able to have different outfits most of the time though, just because I rework them and mix up my shoes or accessories. I don’t have a lot of shoes, handbags or accessories, but I have enough to mix up my outfits. I mentioned a few days ago that the one thing I hope to accomplish with my blog is showing people how to shop their closet! I want to show you how to wear the same clothes, but make your outfits different. Go into your closet and pull out items that you haven’t worn in over a year and lay them out. Start thinking about WHY you’re keeping them and if you say you’ll eventually wear it (it’s been a year girl), then start trying to put it together in an outfit and wear it! If you can at least get it out and wear it as an outfit once, then you may remember why you bought it to begin with!

Pink Cardigan and Black Shorts

If you have a favorite top, jeans, shorts or whatever item it may be that you wear often then start thinking about how you can mix it up and make a different outfit each time you wear it! I’ve worn these exact wedges a lot recently, but they’re my favorites and I try to wear them with different outfits each time! Although, I do wear the exact same outfits time and time again too! You’re probably going to see a lot my clothing worn over again, but my goal is to style it differently each time to give you some outfit inspiration! Keep reading to see how I shopped my closet for today’s outfit!

Black Wedges and Pink Cardigan

We’ll start with my 3/4th sleeve pink cardigan! I purchased this from Old Navy about two years ago and I ended up only paying $1 for it! They were having a sale on clearance items and it was buy one get one for $1. I purchased a fitted black and white striped tee for under $5 and ended up getting this cardigan for $1! Cardigans are an easy way to mix up and outfit and they can be worn for every season, so it’s an item worth adding to your wardrobe.

Pink Cardigan|Save|Splurge

Pink Cardigan and Black Flats

My top is a white, ruffled, strapless top from Hollister. I purchased this around 6 years ago to take with me on my senior trip. I honestly don’t think I own anything other than a few tank tops from Hollister, I always preferred Abercrombie. Look for neglected tank tops or blouses and see how you can change up and outfit!

White Strapless Top|Save|Splurge

Black Chino Shorts and Pink Cardigan

My black shorts are from Old Navy, I purchased these a while back with the purple ones I wore earlier this week! I love my purple and teal shorts, but I needed some that I could dress up and wear more often so I chose these. I hadn’t worn these until yesterday, but I really loved them on! I always go for the basics when I’m shopping more than I do “fun” stuff. I make sure I can get enough wear out of something, rather than just being able to wear it with one item! You could probably find some similar black shorts just about anywhere! Make sure to check your favorite stores this weekend since the Fourth of July is coming up! I do hope to have a list of some of the best sales!

Black Chino Shorts|Save|Splurge 

Pink Cardigan and Rialto Flats

My black wedges are C/O Rialto shoes! I was able to pick out two pair that I wanted from their site and I immediately saw these and knew I had to have them! Black flats can be worn all year long and they go with everything! The gold piece on the tops just adds something extra to them and they remind me of the ones from Tory Burch (that I cannot afford)!  The main reason I love Rialto shoes, aside from the look of them is how comfortable they are! These have thicker bottoms than any of my other flats, so they don’t hurt my feet if I’m wearing them all day! You can visit their website at Rialto Shoes, they have so many great styles! These shoes were sent to me, but all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t speak about a product I didn’t 100% love! 🙂 These flats are on sale, so go grab them while you can get a discount!

Black Flats
Pink Cardigan and Black Shorts

These are my same black wedges from Target I’m wearing in several of my other posts! Please look back at some of my older posts to see how I have styled them!  I also have these in cognac and have worn those in several posts as well!

Black Wedges|Save|SplurgePink Cardigan and Black Shorts

That does it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed my look and recreate it for yourself!

I hope you all will continue to follow me on this journey and support me in learning to step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there! Please leave a comment below, I am looking forward to reading them!

XO Kayla


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